Saturday, April 6, 2013

House Theme/Design Concept

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We are going with a "cottagy" retro kitchen feel. We have a 50s era I think bringing back some of the retro elements would work nicely in our house. Our kitchen is galley shaped, and probably what most would consider medium sized (maybe small if you have a massive kitchen lol). Houses built in the 50s did not have huge kitchens lol. We might rip out a wall one day in order to get a more open concept look...but for now we are working with what we have. But back to the kitchen deign...

We plan to have a very clean and crisp look in this space. The cabinetry will be white, and will feature polished chrome handles and glass knobs. We want the perfect combo of country and chic!

Formal Living Room/Dining Room
We have a formal living room/dining room combo. It has been challenging trying to determine how to decorate the space and tie it in with the adjoining den(family room). The layout is a bit challenging...but we are willing to figure out things with a little trial and error  As for the room theme/decor...we are going bold! The walls will be a dark navy blue(almost black). We have a bright yellow loveseat, and two grey armchairs. My husband is going to make a rich/dark wood farmhouse style dining table! The previous owners left behind a ton of nice wood in our workshop. Yay for free items! Expect pops of color (either white,aqua, or yellow) on painted retro wood side tables and wall decor.

Den/Family Room:
We went with a very light/cottage/beach house feeling for this room. The walls have been painted in Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter. It is a relaxing shade of greige which stands for gray beige! I love it! The seating in this room will be all white and cozy/comfy! Most of the room will be accented with white furniture with a pop of yellow, aqua, and navy on accent pillows. Overall, the theme of the room is light, crisp, clean, cozy, and cottagy.

Master Bedroom:

We want a relaxing and romantic environment  Our bedding is all white hotel style bedding. We will throw in pops of color with our pillows on the bed. We are still trying to determine what color we will paint the walls...but I am thinking Ben Moore's Revere Pewter might win again! It's just so relaxing. Oh, also...we have a awkward window behind the bed and will have to come up with a way to completely hide it. We are thinking wall-to-wall silk lavish drapes behind the bed. Something like this...

Master Bathroom:
Well, it is pretty much the definition of a 50s bathroom - tile and all. The bathroom isn't run down, but the color combo is not anything I would have requested. It's brown and banana yellow. Since we can't get rid of the tiles at this point, we are going to work with what we have. We are going to add pops of gray! Apparently gray, yellow, and brown are making a come back. Who knew??

Additional Bedrooms:
We haven't decided how to decorate our other bedrooms just yet. They will likely be last on the to-do list since they aren't occupied. We don't want to have a guest bedroom...and we won't have kids for a few years. So the extra rooms are currently staging areas and storage for our empty boxes. Hubby is using one for his office. We'll probably spruce that room up a little with paint and what not. Men don't care for all of the fancy shenanigans. :)

Additional Bathroom:
We will maybe just add a new drape over the window. This room is perfect already!

My Office:
I honestly haven't been able to really think of a design for my office just yet. I know it will be chic and feminine. I do a lot of work from home, so the space have to be fun and inspiring! I know I want a mini chandelier though, ha!

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