Thursday, January 9, 2014

Coffee Table...Check!

I'm back, and happy to share my newest love with you guys! While checking Facebook today, I noticed my local Habitat For Humanity ReStore posted their weekly specials photo album. Praise sweet baby Jesus! While I was browsing through the pics, I noticed a cute little retro table that I just knew I had to have. Isn't she lovelyyyy!?

It's small, unique, and fits right in with my mid-century modern decor in our formal living/dining room. And guess what??? This bad boy was only $25. Yep, just $25. I drove out to the store in the horrible rainy weather just to snatch her up. I think I might paint her white or aqua in the future...stay tuned! Now...we need to get a rug, and paint the tables in the room. Oh, and the side tables in the pics are not the ones we are going to use. We bought some other ones that need to be painted, so these are just place holders until I can get to our actual tables. I'll leave you with more pics of my new find!

The back


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