Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our LONG to-do list :)

So...here's a look at our massive to-do list. I haven't even added anything for the back of the house yet. Right now, we are focusing on getting the front of the house ready before moving on to the back. We will update this list as things get scratched off. Stay tuned!


  1. Paint family room
  2. New TV stand
  3. Paint trim 
  4. paint laundry doors
  5. painted patio doors
  6. Paint outside of office door
  7. Buy Furniture
  8. Paint accent Table
  9. Get bamboo blinds
  10. Get white curtains
  11. Get accent pillows
  12. Buy rug
  13. nick nacks for walls
  14. Paint coffee table

Formal Living/Dining Room:
  1. Buy couches/chairs
  2. Prime and paint trim, doors, frames, & etc.
  3. Prime closet (Thursday)
  4. Paint closet (Thursday)
  5. paint walls (Friday)
  6. paint accent wall chevron?
  7. paint vents to match walls and or trim (Wednesday)
  8. replace all lighting and outlet plates (Thursday)
  9. clean floor (Saturday)
  10. move furniture back in room (Saturday)
  11. Hang mirrors
  12. Paint end tables
  13. Buy accent table
  14. Buy coffee table
  15. Make dining table
  16. Buy dining chairs
  17. nick nacks
  18. rug
  19. lighting??

  1. paint cabinets
  2. Paint doors
  3. install new hardware
  4. paint ceiling
  5. paint trim
  6. Paint lighting fixture
  7. paint windows
  8. Beadboard the soffit
  9. Kitchen sink skirt?
  10. Paint plantation shutters
  11. Install subway tiles
  12. Install cabinet "feet"


  1. Paint celing
  2. Paint window
  3. Paint inside of door
  4. Paint door knob
  5. clean shelves
  6. paint walls
  7. Paint (and hopefully replace molding)
  8. get curtains
  9. get desk
  10. New dooor
  11. New floor (wood) ??


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