Monday, May 26, 2014

Pregnancy Week 10 through 14 Recap

*This post is a recap. It was written a week after my 15 week mark. Please keep that in mind when reading.

Today's Date: 5/26/14 (written at 15 weeks and 4 days pregnant)

How far along- weeks 10 through 14 recap (written at 15 weeks and 4 days pregnant)

Baby is the size of: getting bigger!

Favorite moment this week- The past few weeks have been pretty good. My favorite thing was purchasing the sonoline b fetal doppler so we could listen to the baby's heartbeat. In the beginning it took us way longer to find the baby because it was sooo tiny and we had to learn how to use the equipment, and what to listen for. But as the weeks went on, it became so easy to find! We are now able to find the baby within just a few seconds...literally! Oh, also the baby is a mover! But I will put more about that below! Also, at week 12 I was able to stop my progesterone suppositories. Praise the Lord! Those things were messy, and I am sooo happy to be done with them!

Miss Anything: The last week or so, I started to miss alcohol. We'll be making some virgin mocktails soon!

Movement: I started feeling flutters around 9 weeks, but wasn't sure it it was the baby or not. As the weeks went on, I kept feeling the same flutters. I know for sure I felt the baby move within the last week because I felt some flutters on the left side of my tummy. I then immediately put the doppler in that spot, and sure enough...the baby's heartbeat was right there! So I can officially say I know I felt our baby move!

Food cravings- 
 Burgers, fries, Pizza, Popsicles, Indian food, sweets

Anything making you queasy or sick- Oddly enough, I didn't actually throw up until I hit the 2nd trimester lol. I threw up once during week 12, again during week 13, and one more time during week 14. Two of those were in my car during lunch, and the other was in the morning before work. Lucky for me, I keep garbage bags in my car just in case I need to vomit. They have been a life savor!

Have you started to show yet- Yes and no! I got button down maternity blouses for work, and they are still a little large and son't show my tummy yet. People cannot tell I am pregnant when I am wearing them, and they are often shock when I tell them I am with child. However, when I wear fitted shirts and dresses outside of work...everyone cane see my bump. And many of them tell me I look further along than just 15 weeks...gasp!

Weight Gain: 2 pounds up from my pre-preg weight.

Exercise: Some walking here and there. 

Stretch Marks: Just the ones I had pre-pregnancy lol! Although, I think more might be coming soon!

Belly Button in or out- In

Gender- Don't know! My prediction is boy though.

Sleep: Okay, I guess. It is nowhere near what it was like before pregnancy.....

Looking forward to: Finding out the baby's gender is just a few weeks...and shopping for my pumpkin

Other Notes: I cannot eat very much food at a time. I only eat small portions, but need to eat frequently. Hubby says I base my day on the food I ate. So when I have a good's because I had good food during lunch at work and etc lol. He's kind of right. 


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