Monday, April 21, 2014

Pregnancy Week 6

We found out on 3/2/13 that we were pregnant! I did not initially document the first few weeks of my pregnancy journey, so I figured I would go back and just type it up now lol. As of today (4/6/14) I am 8w4d preggo...but everything below describes week 6 of my journey. Enjoy!

Today's Date: 4/6/14 (Written when I was 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant!)

How far along- This is a recap for week 6

Baby size of: Week 6: Lentil

Favorite moment this week- My favorite moment was going in for our first ultrasound on 3/24/14. We were hit with the surprise of a lifetime...we're having TWINS! Both babies were doing great too! They had healthy heart rates (122 and 120), and they were sizing up very well. They both had healthy yolk  sacs too!

Another one of my favorite moments was creating a diy chalkboard to take my pregnancy photos in front of. It's kind of funny because we were not expecting to find twins on the ultrasound, so the chalkboard had to be edited once we came home from the doctor lol. Here's what the original one looked like...

And here's what it looked like after we found out we were expecting twins!

Miss Anything: Energy...and not feeling sea sick at all times!

Movement: No

Food cravings- 

Anything making you queasy or sick- I believe this is around the time my aversion to veggies started. I also find myself repulsed by sushi.

Have you started to show yet- No

Weight Gain: 0

Exercise: Some walking here and there. 

Stretch Marks: Just the ones I had pre-pregnancy lol!

Belly Button in or out- In

Gender- Don't know!

Sleep: I slept anytime I could lol. When I was not at work...I was in bed!

Looking forward to: Feeling better with not so much nausea. Also, a real  baby bump!

Other Notes: I ended up getting a terrible cold around week 5 from hubby! It was the worst. I couldn't breath, and had to take off work because I was exhausted and heavily congested. After about a week and a half of battling pure misery, I started to feel better lol. I couldn't even take any meds, so it was truly depressing. I couldn't sleep or do anything bc I couldn't breath.


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