Monday, April 21, 2014

Pregnancy Week 8 Update

Pic taken 4/6/14

Pic taken 4/6/14
We went public with our pregnancy this week. See the announcement video here:

Today's Date: 4/6/14 

How far along- 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant

Babies are the size of:  Kidney beans

Favorite moment this week- We went in for our 2nd ultrasound and the babies were still doing great! They have gotten soooo big, and are actually looking like little babies now. They have nubs (arms and legs), and we can even see where their brains are!  They both had really strong heart beats. Baby A's was 158, and Baby B's was 170. Baby A was 1.6 cm and Baby B was 1.5 cm in size. They doctor also said my placentas, yolk sacs, and everything else looked great too! It was harder to get a good pic of Baby B since he/she is the furthest away. And Baby B was not interested in the camera lol. But we got the best pic we could.Oh, and we even saw their little spines too. They are soooo cute!

Miss Anything: Sleep...and being able to eat veggies. I still gag at the site of them. But later in the week, my aversion got somewhat better. I think I am getting tired of eating so much fast food and carbs. Perhaps I will be able to like quality food again soon. Let's hope!

Movement: No

Food cravings- 
 Towards the end of the week I was craving soul food. I had to have some turkey and dressing. I also had yams, mac n' cheese, green beans, and corn bread with that meal. Yumm!

Anything making you queasy or sick- Life lol

Have you started to show yet- Well...I'm very bloated in the belly. I definitely think it is a few inches bigger. Still no weight gain though.

Weight Gain: 0

Exercise: Some walking here and there. 

Stretch Marks: Just the ones I had pre-pregnancy lol!

Belly Button in or out- In

Gender- Don't know!

Sleep: I think the babies are going through another big growth spurt because I am extremely exhausted again to the point that I need power naps to survive lol. I am sleeping a little better at night. But me thinky I will need to invest in a preggo pillow soon!

Looking forward to: Feeling better with not so much nausea. Also, a real  baby bump!

Other Notes: My sense of smell is still really strong so a lot of things irritate me (even my own perfume). Over the past few weeks I have found myself addicted to my cute little hubby. Which is funny because many women can't stand their husbands when preggo. I had a little spotting or brown discharge a few nights ago, and that freaked me out. I'm thinking it is the result of both intercourse and a trans-vaginal ultrasound that occurred a couple days prior. I will ask my doctor about this Monday.


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